Lineup 2024

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Dear fans, we look forward to seeing you in Polička on July 12 – 13 2024




In last two years, because of the terrible Russian agression against Ukraine, a lot of accomodation capacities in Polička had been booked for Ukrainian refugees. But the situation is changing continously. Try common ways to book your room (,, …) or you may find private houses for accommodation in very short distances HERE.

We book lot of rooms for artists who perform at the festival and our crew but in the case we have some rooms left we can offer these rooms to you. Please don’t hestate to ask us.

If you want to bring your own tents we have a FREE but UNWATCHED place for camping right next to the festival grounds. You can also find another capacities for tents and caravans at Autocamp Polička + near Polička there is Sokolovna Borová and Camp Borová or Sádek.

If you have any questions, write to

Thank you!

As the very first Czech festival, Colour Meeting joined the Keychange initiative, which strives for a balanced representation of female and male performers on stage. “When deciding on the festival’s dramaturgy, I never dealt with the gender question. I value originality, quality and discovery. However, when the wave of incomprehensible resistance rose against Keychange, I realized that we had to support the initiative, “ says Dušan Svíba, the art director of the festival.

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