Colour Meeting festival invites you to Polička

Dear fans,
We look forward to seeing you in Polička on July 22 – 23. 2022



We have prepared a free but UNWATCHED place for camping right next to the festival grounds. 

You may find other tips for accommodation HERE, or Autocamp Polička has space for tents and caravans. Near Polička there is Sokolovna Borová and Camp Borová or Sádek. You can find a list of guesthouses, hotels, and campsites at

If you have any questions, write to

Thank you!

As the very first Czech festival, Colour Meeting joined the Keychange initiative, which strives for a balanced representation of female and male performers on stage. “When deciding on the festival’s dramaturgy, I never dealt with the gender question. I value originality, quality and discovery. However, when the wave of incomprehensible resistance rose against Keychange, I realized that we had to support the initiative, “ says Dušan Svíba, the art director of the festival.

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The presale will start in autumn 2021

Line Up 2022

We are working on it…